Wednesday, 28 July 2010

TV Programmes

Television is one thing parents develop strong strategies about.
It is easy to put violent or adult programmes in the "not while the kids are in the room" category, but what else should we consider?

On the positive side, there is a programme called Special People on one of the Sky Children's channels.  It includes a few sign language gestures every episode and is aimed at children with special needs.  However because of the signing accompanying simple phrases this is ideal for pre-verbal kids and children learning one or more language from birth.  I'm certainly trying it with my son.

Again for the multi-lingual attempts we have Dora the Explorer serving us Espagnol tapas.  Similarly there's now "Ni Hao Kai-lan" a young Chinese animation that drops in a few words of Mandarin each episode.

I really feel that there should be more of these cross-cultural programmes available - hopefully there soon will be!

The "banned" content includes more than you might think.  And more than my wife will back me up with!
I cannot have him being subjected to spurious Reality TV trash.  These contain only bad role models for children: people searching for fame as an end in itself.  People driven by vanity, greed and selfishness.

Examples are Bridezillas, My Sweet 16, Big Brother.

Other programmes that my wife watches that I'd rather she didn't, I insist are not on when our boy is in the room.  Come Dine With Me - a programme laced with bitterness from guests to voiceover man.  America's/Canada's/Australia's/Britain's Next Top Model - okay, not the worst series in the world but pretty fatuous all the same.  Beyond the "Ugly Duckling" scenario there's not much depth there.  Besides there's an episode on AT ANY TIME!!!  My boy is welcome to choose his own career and tastes but I'm not going to PUSH him to be in "fashion".

While I do watch some sport on tv I really can't justify much now my boy is here - for the first time I'm seriously considering removing Sky Sports from my tv package.

I guess being a parent is wonderful enough to make you want to turn the tv off and speak to your son [Homer Simpson shrieks off-camera]

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