Friday, 23 July 2010

Good Health

It's been a long day and I'm wary about a long weekend ahead.    
Today I took JDI Son through central London on the Underground to pick my wife up from hospital (minor day surgery - all is well).  
Apart from being a bit hot and bothered on the tube, he was great: full of beans at the other end and slept on the way back.  

My wariness stems from knowing my wife needs rest - and the possibility that I might be flying solo all weekend.  Without any grandparents around at the moment that means I'm cutting out any non-baby-related exercise and getting to bed as early as possible.  Add to that eating as much fruit and veg as possible (which is mostly cast-offs from my boy - some lovely unwanted and only slightly squeezed strawberries today).  

I'm not sure how parents cope with illness - there really isn't time!  And if one gets ill the other has to concentrate on not overdoing it so they don't burn out and get sick too.  

So yes, I put my boy straight into the Babybjorn harness tonight and danced him to sleep with couple of MTV tracks, ignoring Mrs JDI's concerns about creating difficulties with putting him to sleep in the future. The difficulty is NOW, I say!  So he sleeps... and I'm going to do the same while I can!  

On my wish list before my boy came along, was To Be More Disciplined and Get Properly Organised - true, not exactly measurable but if this sort of early night isn't disciplined I don't know what is!  And all bottles, tidying done for a clean slate tomorrow morning too.  'Night 'night! 

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