Tuesday, 20 July 2010

First Walk

A hot day with a picnic in the park after a "soft play" session complete with bouncy castle.
I even let my boy have a go.
And then he did his first proper walk!
He'd managed three "walks" of 4 steps yesterday but blew that out of the water with an 8-stepper after a crawl on the bouncy castle.  It must have been the good influence of all the older toddlers walking and jumping around.

The picnic ended badly with a huge bird poo on his pram seat - urgh!

My To Do list has many items around teaching my boy languages at an early age.
Today a fellow stay-at-home dad said that nursery teachers told him that there is a clear improvement in 2-3 year olds' aptitude if they are exposed to a second or multiple languages at an early age.
Well, that's what I'd expect, so I'll believe it!  Especially as it is another motivation for me to continue learning Mandarin and a selection of European languages.


  1. You should check out Glenn Doman's book "how to teach your baby to read" where his research shows that children are linguistic geniuses up to age 6! JC

  2. Thanks JC - yes, I've heard that sort of thing so much, it's just a case of going at a pace that won't confuse them (anecdotally this can be a problem).