Saturday, 17 July 2010

Some Surprises

1) Being woken up at 5am was a surprise.  Maybe it shouldn't have been and maybe it should more accurately be called a shock.
2) Attended my sister's son's naming ceremony.  Innocuously tagged onto the end of the ceremony was the marriage ceremony for my sister and her (now) husband.  That was a surprise too (can you smell understatement??!).  The paralysis on relatives' faces in that split second should really have been caught on camera but no-one could have reacted to press the button.
3) In celebrations after my nephew's naming ceremony and my sister's wedding, my uncle enjoyed a large mojito before introducing himself to the man standing next to me, saying, "We haven't met yet have we?"  The man standing next to me was my brother, not unknown to my uncle and, indeed, part of the conversation with my uncle just moments before, during the drinking of said mojito.  It's rare that my brother and I are lost for words, but we were silent awaiting our uncle's punchline, but were given only "Oh, it's you!" There began a long period of squirming and rationale for why uncle's memory / recognition have never been good, with the final, somewhat convenient sci-fi explanation being that he had momentarily slipped into a different dimension (less of a parallel universe than a hugely tangential one...).

If tomorrow brings such surprises it might even be worth experiencing it with a similar lack of sleep, though I hope not...

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