Thursday, 29 July 2010

Double or Quits

Imagine you're just recovering from flu and eat out with your partner and one year old son to save time and energy.

Conjure the scenario where you have a discount card for 50% off that you both think the other has brought, and only discover this at the end of the meal.

It's a 10 minute walk home.  You are full and borderline ill.  Your partner can't run well and you could probably walk faster.

Do you jog home yourself, take your partner up on her offer or just settle for paying twice as much at the meal?

I chose to jog home - paying double would grate too much for that distance.  Plus no matter how much physical energy you save by sitting, being "on duty" with a restless little boy would be much more sapping, never mind the anger welling up with every second your partner would be dawdling.

Now where are those antibiotics?  And the indigestion tablets?

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